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wild Harvest salad


Wild Harvest®

Wild Harvest offers a full range of free-from products, including many organic and gluten-free items that the whole family can enjoy. Wild Harvest products are “free from” over 140 undesirable ingredients. Any flavors or colors added to a Wild Harvest product are derived from natural — not synthetic — sources. Eat Free. Go Wild.


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Crackers, apple sauce and juice

Baby & Toddler

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Flour, sugar and vanilla extract

Baking, Cooking & Spices

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Apple Juice, Prune Juice and Coffee


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Canned pears, tomatoes and black beans

Canned Goods

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Toasted Oats cereal and instant Oatmeal

Cereal & Oatmeal

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All Purpose Cleaning Spray, Dish Soap and 100 percent recycled Bathroom Tissue

Cleaning & Paper Products

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Organic 1 percent low fat Milk, Vanilla Soymilk and a carton of eggs

Dairy & Eggs

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Fresh Organic Baby Carrots, Kelp and Parsley

Fresh Produce

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Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza and bag of Hashbrowns

Frozen Foods

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Organic Steak, Pork Chop and Bonless Chicken Breasts


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Box of gluten free Penne and organic Peanut Butter

Pantry Staples

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Bags of Dog and Cat Food

Pet Food & Treats

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Organic Ketchup, Mustard and BBQ sauce

Sauces & Condiments

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Tortilla Chips, Chocolate Graham Crackers and Microwave Popcorn

Snacks & Treats

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Organic free range Chicken Broth, Beef Stock and can of Mushroom Soup

Soups & Broths

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